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We're specialized in developing websites that have the highest degree of functionality and at the same time serve to convert business. We strive to understand your business from the first consultation and create the optimum solution to maximize your site's potential. Our services are always an investment, a means to a greater return.

MSoft web development solutions are for businesses wanting a professional and affordable presence online. We specialise in providing great returns on Investment and maximising the impact of the websites. Combining quality website design with great functionality allows you to get the most out of your website.

Up until now only big budgets could afford professional website design. Our websites are purpose built for you according to your requirements. All websites are designed by our experienced team of web designers and programmers. Experts at MSoft will create your website using the latest technology and provide the exact look and feel of your company identity.

web development

Some of the services we offer are:

Custom Web Development

A website is becoming an effective tool as a "shop front" for many businesses. Web development has come a long way from it heydays where a website was built in 5 days and that was it.

These days, there are many complexities added to the website development function and thus, a wider range of industries are opting for a complete web development solution for their businesses.

At MSoft, we have a simple philosophy, we define web development as

Technology + Programming + Creative Design = Website Development

Our clients are totally involved in the website development process to ensure that our expertise are combined with the business vision to create a functional website.

PHP Frameworks

Our experienced engineers have additional competency and expertise in MVC(Model View Controller) architecture PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP and ZEND. MSoft has a huge pool of such programmers, available for dedicated hiring 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 22 days a month.

Open source technologies

Our experienced PHP programmers have additional competency and expertise in open source PHP technologies such as Joomla, Word Press, phpBB, osCommerce, ZenCart etc.

Creative Art and Design

MSoft has a big team of Creative Designers expertised in:

  • web 2.0 website design
  • Flash, Action Script, CSS2, CSS3, HTML5
  • 3D, Animation

You do not have to look far as MSoft has the solutions for you and your business. By putting all creative design behind an intelligently designed web interface, we can create an online shop front that will appeal to your specific customers and make business on your website a pleasure.

Search Engine Optimisation

A Professional search engine optimisation company like MSoft plays an important role in any marketing plan, devised for online marketing. Online marketing is a key factor in gaining customers and profits for business ventures these days. It is no longer relevant to just create a website and expect it to bring you revenue and profits.

SEO can provide higher rankings, greater brand visibility and more visitors to the site. Hiring professional help for SEO processes can prove advantageous for a business.

MSoft provides end to end support for your website development project. We have highly trained usability experts and experienced programmers. With our complete project lifecycle services you cannot go wrong.

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