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The internet is littered with thousands of out-of the-box software. However, you have to ask yourself the questions that will a out-of-the-box software work for your business? What if your business has a unique requirement or specification, will the software be able to handle that?

This is where custom software developed by MSOFT comes in the picture. MSOFT will incorporate unique features of your business and specifics whilst designing the software. Our years of experience in software design and development makes our customised software applications extremely cost effective, while providing significantly improved information management process specific to your business. Basically, the end product is highly optimised, functional software built to be business specific.


MSoft believes in quality, innovation and performance. We have achieved our excellence in Outsourcing, Technology and IT Consulting Services. We have proved our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Enterprise IT Solution that has a huge demand in the market.

innovative cloud solutions

Our Services Include:

  • IT Services: Enhances the requirements of the customer in the field of product development, application development and IT management.
  • Application Maintenance Services: Maintaining the IT application is crucial for an enterprise. MSoft gets involved in the analysis of the application that would lower the cost of the customers.
  • Business Intelligence: Provides an opportunity to keep a track of your business by extracting and analyzing the business data.
  • Business Technology Consulting: In a certain point of time you might feel the necessity to consult for software solutions that would best suit your business to increase the efficiency.
  • Enterprise Application Services: Our Enterprise Application Services include Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Application Management Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration: Development of this service involves the effort of skilled professionals and implementation of good planning as well as proven methodologies. Our EAI services focus on business functionality and development of simple automation process. EAI is a part of the Enterprise Application Services.
  • IT Application Testing: Facilitate the customer with the quality check of the entire application that has been opted for.

We have created an impression in the sectors like Financial Services, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Retail and many others.


We are highly focused on Software Product Development that makes us render a new array of solutions for software and services providers.

Product Life Cycle


PDLC model or the Product Development Life Cycle Model is an important part of any Software Product Development project. In fact PDLC plays a vital role in the success of a software product.

Development and Support


Reinventing the business structure, cloud computing has changed our entire approach towards technology. Most business today have undergone humungous change in their workforce and customers, and the only way to meet the requirements is to foster innovations that are challenging, inventive, and efficient for the business. Cloud Computing saves costs by enabling users access the latest infrastructure offerings within the same platform.

MSoftís contribution: Cloud Foundry

Collaborating with the customerís organization, our business analysts identify, analyze and prioritize the Cloud-business model, which is contextual to the customerís industry. Focusing on the potentialities of the value chain, revenue streams and products, we offer solutions based on the key findings, analysis and opportunities. Our professional team of developers utilizes Cloud Foundry. An open platform, Cloud Foundry offers a variety of Clouds, application services and developer frameworks. Easy to use and scalable, the platform gives us the choice to implement frameworks, application services, extensible architecture etc.

Services of Cloud Computing

  • Platform as a Service (Paas):
     For a secure, mutual, environment, PaaS supports deployment, delivery and development of an application that increases productivity. Integrating the data across Cloud and on-premises enables the application services to reach a broader target audience.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Accessible by users over the Internet, Software as a Service is a software model, which has applications centrally hosted in the Cloud environment. Using a common delivery system, SaaS reduces costs and abridges deployment.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):MSoft offers a Cloud IaaS solution that enables easy functioning of resource intensive activities such as testing and operation. Standardizing the client’s infrastructure, and providing integrity of data and processes through a secured environment, MSoft offers IaaS that simplifies and standardizes the underlying infrastructure of the business enterprise.

Helping customers with an end-to-end transformation, MSoft ensures client success with executable strategies.

  • Established methods to assist the client’s organization
  • Innovative IT strategies
  • Expertise in Cloud Computing capabilities
  • Preeminent practices to enable cross-functional collaboration in the client’s enterprise.

MSoft ensures that the client’s enterprise derives organizational, economical and commercial benefits from the Cloud Computing platform. MSoft prides itself in a cross-skilled, diverse workforce which works in multiple time zones. For you the client, this means that projects are completed in a timely and cost effective manner without compromising on quality. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. For more details about our services, please contact or

Software Development Process


We start with an in-depth analysis of your business. We take time and with a keen eye for detail, understand your business operations. We look at your products and services and also understand your business philosophy.

Working With You

Together with you the client, we pinpoint the specific needs and demands of the business and conceptualise a custom solution. Once our proposal is accepted, we will begin to develop a prototype application that demonstrates how the custom made software solution will look and run.

End Product

Upon completion of testing and fine-tuning, the application is implemented. Normally, from start to finish, we are looking at a work pace of a minimum of 3 months. The more complex the system, the time frame changes. MSOFT believes in delivering quality, not a race to see who crosses the line first.

The MSOFT Software Division has various expertise and the cross-skilled staff ensure quality, expertise and on time-delivery.

Software Solutions

Web Based Application

MSOFT has vast experienced in creating web based applications to manage your internal process flow. By automating your business processes online, you can reduce your pathways to profit and increase profitability. MSOFT's rich web platform provides unparallel user experience on your systems.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is the key for any business to grow. Using Service oriented Architecture MSOFT can unclog your business and provide great deal of efficiencies among different department and softwares running those departments.

Our dedicated team can improve your information flow and make transactions happen real time through your organisation by integrating your system thus allowing you to reach leverage your existing investment.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a key to running any successful mobile team. Our Apple iPhone, Black Berry, Android and Windows Mobile applications software solutions will unlock the potential of your existing infrastructure and provide you with great deal of flexibility. You can take your existing application to the next level by adding Mobile capabilities.

CMS, ERP and CRM systems

MSOFT offers various content management system solutions, ERP and CRM software solutions. Our experience in developing these customised management systems in many industries puts us in front. Our Frameworks allows us to quickly build your software systems and create great efficiencies within your business.

Web Portals

Web Portals are part of any serious business today. By providing your staff and clients with Web portals to manage information and communication you can reduce time to serve your client significantly. Our expertise in creating dashboards and information architecture understanding will allow us to tailor your next Software application in no time.

Any business which requires custom software developed will tell you that they want it within budget, on time and a system which will work. MSOFT can offer you all that and more.

Software Solutions

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