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MSoft specialises in creating fully customised, dynamic, and scalable Intranet solutions for small to medium size of businesses. We offer a choice of integrated site administration tools that can add core and optional products and features as required.

MSoft believes that business should push the boundaries of technology and not technology driving the business that's why we take a lot of time understanding how your business operates.

There's no doubt that intranet has emerged as a major business information infrastructure. Intranet Software can provide central repository of organisation information allowing your employees to work efficiently and reduce cost.

Why your company needs an Intranet Solution?

Easy Information sharing across your organisation

Managing documents

More effective communication

Central repository of critical information

Increase Employee Involvement

Centralise control of the content publishing

Integrate workflow to reduce process overheads

Easy Access to all company information from a single source

A truly well-rounded Intranet solutions for your business will improve your business by delivering information on demand from a single point of access, streamline content and increase the efficiency by unifying the company as a whole. Intranet Software can deliver significant team productivity improvements by streamlining business processes.

Advantages of Intranet Software for various business functions:

Human Resources

Easy Management

Cost effective method of communication

Central repository for corporate documents in a secure environment

Effective information dissemination

Corporate Communications

Reliable and timely communication delivery

Ease of use

Easy to manage Feedback forms

Automated document workflow


Document management system allows easy collaboration between teams

Easy to manage Feedback forms

Automated document workflow

Dashboard to manage numbers and figures

Sales Managers

Simple to use sales monitoring

Business Intelligence for Forecasting

Creation of documents, contracts, procedure documents with ease

Manage customer profiles

Securely manage pre sales documentation

Finance Managers

Audit information

Simple to use accounting policies and procedures publishing

Audit document trails

Inventory and sales information using simple to use dashboards


Submit HR forms online

Easy search facilities from knowledge base

Create and edit documents according to position in the company

Communicate effectively with rest of the team

Managing remote teams

MSoft understands that each organisation is unique and so are the intranet requirements. In order to achieve a successful intranet solutions for your business we provide requirement workshops and go through your organisations workflow. We will guide you in right direction to provide best solutions for your business.

We work with each client to devise an appropriate intranet strategy, then tailor-make practical tools to help you do business. To achieve your desire outcome we prepare your Intranet solutions using available products and integrate them to get maximum benefit from your investment.

What MSoft Can Offer

Conducting workshops with key departments and players who will be using the system.It is not just good enough to speak to the technical heads. We believe that a Intranet system will eventually have to be used and accepted collectively as a company. Therefore, the departments actually using the system need to be involved in the early developmental stages.

Integration with your existing Systems and data sources

User management and Role based security system

Integration with back office systems

Integrating your existing workflow systems to improve productivity

We are confident that as a result of using our expert services, you will have satisfied staff, an efficient intranet system and more importantly a full customised system which can be modified as business needs change.

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