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A Professional Search Engine Optimisation company like MSoft plays an important role in any marketing plan, devised for online marketing. Online marketing is a key factor in gaining customers and profits for business ventures these days. It is no longer relevant to just create website and expect it bring you revenue and profits.

SEO can provide higher rankings, greater brand visibility and more visitors to the site. Hiring professional help for SEO processes can prove advantageous for a business.


Every client has different needs when it comes to Search Engine Marketing but many of the steps are very similar. We follow fixed processes and add tailored steps to ensure maximum website exposure on the Internet.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Methodology comprises of following steps:

Step 1 : Deciding Outcome - Initial Consultation

Identifying your campaign outcome is the first step in the process. We will guide you in the right direction once we have understood your Internet Marketing goal.

We identify your requirements and understand major areas of your business to improve areas of your website which will enable us to guide you in the right direction.

Understanding website structure, navigation and content requirement.

Researching and analysing the current status of your website on various search engines.

Step 2 : Keyword research and target list preparation

Finding the right keywords determines the success of any search engine marketing campaign. With all the information gathered in the previous steps and some advanced software tools we outline the list of targeted keywords, and agreed on a mutual basis.

Step 3 : Competition Analysis

Based on the above information, we will perform a competitor analysis to find out what their strategies are and how they run their campaigns. This will enable us to find out:

What your competitors are doing.

Fine tune our keyword list and finalise our strategy.

Step 4 : Website Optimisation and Content Improvement

It is time to utilise all the knowledge about your business and your current website structure and start utilising them within the web page.

Applying the proposed web site structure in terms of links and dynamics of better search engine indexing.

Creating meta tags to implement your keyword list(Title, Keyword, description) after identifying target keywords for every page on your website.

HTML code optimisation which includes adding headings, image alt tags and proper hyperlinks.

HTML code clean up and optimisation to improve keyword density.

Editing and copy writing the content to make on page relevancy in terms of targeted keywords.

Step 5 : Submission to Search Engines

This is the time to submit your website. We submit your website to different search engines with focus on the most popular search engines. We will submit your website to 150+ search engines to give you total coverage. We take extra care while submitting to search engines so that you achieve maximum result.

Step 6 : Directory Submissions

We will carry out targeted submissions to relevant directories from our growing list of 2500+ directories. This will give your website unfair advantage over your competition.

Step 7 : Link Building Campaign

Our team of experts will conduct extensive research on the Internet to find relevant affinity websites.

We contact them on one on one basis and establish a dialogue.

We will provide you with link progress and reports to keep you up to date.

Guaranteed reciprocal links to your website.

Step 8 : Rank Reporting, Monitoring and Optimising

At this point, your ranking is already going up and you should start to see some real improvement in traffic. Usually it takes around 3 months to see the full benefit of this process. We will send you regular reports and keep you updated on progress of your campaign. We will also upload all reports on our Campaign management website so you can refer to them at any time and check on the progress.

We will also constantly monitor your website and traffic patterns the duration of contract and constantly optimising your website in order to keep your search engine ranking higher. We provide detailed traffic reports which include page views, visits by day and most visited pages. All our packages include customised reporting and analysis.


Our reports are intended to give you a thorough and proper understanding about the present state of your website and what is required for a well deserved entry into the very elite club of top ten positions on the search engine.

We provide many reports along the way to engage the client in the website optimisation process. Some of the reports are:

Optimisation Report

Competitive Analysis report

Keyword Analysis Report

Baseline Search Engine Position Report

Web Content Analysis Report

Monthly Search Engine Position Progress Report

Monthly Progress Report

Monthly Traffic Analysis Report

Traffic Conversion and PPC Spend Report

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