Brand Management

Online Brand Management has become very critical as the Internet explodes with products and services offered. Surfing the Internet 24/7, 365 days a week has led to consumers either loving or hating your brand. It is at this point that you, as a business need to find out what people are saying, talking about your brand online.

You need to know where to search for "comment footprints" people are making about your products and services. Tracking these comments will assist in protecting your brand and responding appropriately. Many consumers are now using Social networks to discuss brands and products there.

Online Brand Management- How Can MSoft Help?

In a highly competitive market establishing your brand identity online will ensure that you stand out from the competition. The layout and design of your website is a crucial component for its effectiveness. They are the key factors driving your website's popularity. The text type, text size, font size, font colour, navigation system, colour scheme need to complement each other to give you a distinct online brand persona.

MSoft's Online Brand Management solution is structured in tiers based on the number of brands, competitors and clips you want to track. We work with you to customize the options that work best for your particular situation. From the number and type of media feeds to metrics tracked to frequency and depth of reporting-all of it can be customized to your needs. We also offer tips of how to manage the brand within social networks such as Facebook and My Space.

Online Brand Solutions Include:

Application licensing

Configuration of measurement program from setup to deliverables

Online news source feeds

Ongoing management and refinement

Data analysis and reporting

Strategic recommendations

Software Solutions

Web Design & Development

Internet Marketing